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McAfee “Poisoned” Update Scandal

Last Wednesday, a bad patch was released as an update for McAfee antivirus. It caused many computers to crash, some were unrecoverable. I run XP Pro with the Service Pack 3, and didn’t have any probs. Though as a precaution, I did turn off the auto-updates for a few days.

Apparently a lot of computers crashed world-wide over the issue. But for the record, I run XP Pro with SP3 and I experienced no issues whatsoever. Though I did turn off auto-updates for a few days, as a precaution. My computers didn’t crash, neither did those of any one I know. I like McAfee, it’s been a great product for the past 5 years since I switched from Norton (hate that one) to McAfee. McAfee has consistently been in the top rated 5 best world over category for at least 5 years.

McAfee’s damage control dept released a vid of the CEO David DeWald apologizing and explaining the entire issue. I think he did a great job, there was no sign of arrogance, and humility speaks volumes. I have a lot of respect for that company and it’s CEO.

I’m still using their products and will continue too, I’m sure. For those that aren’t familiar with the Site Advisor–it’s a very helpful little tool to use while browsing to help protect you while you surf the Net. The Site Advisor works with IE (Internet Explorer) and FireFox browsers. (Bummer it doesn’t work on Chrome–professional jealousies in play, I guess.)

Here are a few (but well-chosen) articles on the issue:




McAfee CEO David DeWalt Video

McAfee on FaceBook

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Microsoft Boasts 90,000,000 Windows 7 Sold

Go-Go Microsoft!!! Windows 7 is heaven compared to Vista!

(They’re already working on Win8.)

Microsoft Boasts 90,000,000 Windows 7 Sold.

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Google Chrome Operating System

For the record, I’m a Google-girl. I love Google Earth, and the Chrome browser. I use the Chrome browser every day along with Firefox. I usually have both open doing different jobs on each. I love the Google desktop goodies, the sidebar and all that jazz. I am very honest though, and this is a fly-by appraisal of the much awaited, and latest offering from Google. There were some serious bragadocious claims made on behalf of the not-as-yet created Google Chrome OS last autumn. Ads were saying that this operating system would smother Windows, and beat Microsoft and run them out. (I really read those things.) So after studying the claims, developer’s notes, and release statements, I’ve broken it down.

Google has released the newest/latest operating system on the market (coming in a few months after Win7 was released). It is being said that this system will give Windows a run for it’s money. Google announced last July that the  Chrome OS was set to be released the latter half of this present year.

Then in November, Google released a statement saying that Chrome OS would take longer to build than they’d planned. The article went on to say that they would release something to use in the interim–Google Chromium. (Doesn’t that name sound totally goofy? Chromium–that’s a women’s vitamin–we girls are supposed to take it every day.)

And now, this past Thursday—March 18th—Google officially announced that they will be offering Google Chrome OS for FREE to anyone that wants to use it. (And that really IS way-cool of them, no doubt.)

You can go download the Google Chrome OS and it’s operating/installation instructions here. (I don’t know what happened to “Chromium”, maybe they realized it was a suckie name and threw it out. One can hope.)

So they’re moving ahead with the project, and man, somebody (s) have been heaping up the hype about it, bragging that they’ll take the market out from under Microsoft (sure they will).

The idea, behind Google Chrome sounds good (esp with all the hype) but to make it simple: Google Chrome is an operating system designed for surfing only. If all you do is surf the net, deal with email, listen to music, watch movies—anything that you’re not downloading—you will be able to do better/faster in Google Chrome. That’s what they’re claiming anyway, and they’re probably right on that, since there are NO applications on Chrome. (If they stayed true to their word, then no Word/Corel/ or any type of document processing apps, no photo progs, no email progs, no spreadsheets, nada—zilch—yes, it probably will run lightning fast, but with great limitations.

I suspect that they will want you to use their Google Documents online storage and document creation, no doubt (the spreadsheet program really sucks rotten eggs). But if you’re dealing with sensitive data, then you don’t want to store than online anyway–plus, you need your client data on your own machines, and backup copies of that on hand, as well as off-site.

For business professionals that use specialty software–you won’t be able to load it–can’t use it on the Google operating system. Even gamers will be limited–they can’t install/play their fav games from CD/DVD–they’ll have to play what they find online only.

Most users need at least some storage space for a few picts, maybe some music, and important documents. But in that case there are supposed to be 2 alternatives: (1) either use an external hard drive/flash drive, or (2) Perform a dual-boot system and have Chrome loaded along with another operating system. (Like XP and Chrome, or Lennox and Chrome—again, if they stayed true to their original goals.) If they did create Chrome OS with the ability to load with a Windows platform, then they’d better make it compatible with Win7. (But that wouldn’t be annihilating Windows, as was formerly touted would be the case with the release of Google Chrome OS.)

From what I’ve seen of the prototypes, they’re all little netbooks, and really remind me of the Mac Leopard OS X. But in one of their statments released they say that they plan to build desktop computers exclusively for Google Chrome, as well.

The release notes state the Google Chrome OS is built on Lennox, and that they’re utilizing the open source network. Therefore it will be free (like Lennox). And in truth, that idea is very noble.

Be advised, that since the Google Chrome OS won’t have any software (and won’t hold any other software) then it really should boot up super-duper-uber fast. And it should be able to load web pages in a blink. So for little kids, or people that only surf and play online (without downloading any content ever) it might be their dream machine. But for the professionals (we usually have tons of files)  the recreational surfers (that like to get their tunes) and big gamers (who have a zillion gaming CDs/DVDs) its just not for us. I create at least one new document every day, usually 2-4, plus I have thousands of graphic and music files, and sound loops for creating dynamic desktops, website design, ads, and desktop publishing. I’m also an IT Consultant–and they state clearly that Google Chrome is not for the techs.

I think they’ve narrowed their field a little too thin. The geek in me wants to try it, but in all honesty, I cannot see this product as being practical–unless they write the Chrome operating system to be compatible with Microsoft and Mac. Otherwise–they’re hurting their chances of really doing well. In this world, numbers mean something.  I believe the actual number of long-term/satisfied users will not be enough to justify producing the product–unless Google makes some serious changes and makes nice with Microsoft. That professional jealousy can kill ya.

If you give it a whirl, please leave me a comment with your feedback, as to whether you like it or not—and why–because I’m very interested. TIA.

Please leave your feedback on my blog:
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The New IE 9 Works With Windows 7 (ONLY)

It was created to work specifically on the new Windows 7 platform. They want to phase out the still-popular XP operating system. (I still like XP Pro myself, but Win 7 beats Vista all to pieces for speed and is much leaner/lighter.)

You can test drive IE 9 here. Be advised that it will work better with Win7 platform.

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Zero-day Vunerability in IE 6 and 7

Microsoft released a report under Security Advisory informing the public about a potential threat to those of us that use Internet Explorer as a browser, versions 6 and 7.

The new Internet Explorer 8 is not vulnerable. Personally, I use Mozilla’s Firefox and Google’s Chrome for most of my surfing. Even so, we all still have to use IE at times. Some applications only work with IE (those necessary Microsoft/Windows updates and security patches for example).

It’s important to know that the threat is not only with IE—but also with Windows Sever 2008 and Windows operating systems (includes Windows 2000, XP, and Vista) I read an article from another site that stated that Microsoft Office applications are also vulnerable—but I haven’t read that from Microsoft yet—so I can’t put any stock in that.

Microsoft is working to create patches (and has created/released some already) for the new threat. The fixes created were temp fixes, and Microsoft is working hard to create real patches to remove the threats.

For the record, a zero-day vulnerability is one that was before unknown—it hits the engineers between the eyes from out in left field. This means that Microsoft’s developers have to study the problem—create as many scenarios as possible and make it actually happen on their test machines. Then they can write the patches to actually fix the issues and replace those temporary/temp fixes.

For a complete list of programs that need patching go here—to access the original article.

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Google Introduces CADIE

CADIE stands for Cognitive Autoheuristic Distributed-Intelligence Entity.

Oh, this is a must-see for all the techies out there!

“Research group switches on world’s first “artificial intelligence” tasked-array system.”

Apparently the developers did such a good job, the computer has taken the initiative to create IT’S OWN WEBSITE no less. Pretty impressive, eh? Yeah, GO SEE. I left a comment, feel free to do the same. 🙂

But my favorite all-time Google venture has to be the TISP–remember that one???? Yeah, that was AWESOME!!! 🙂

When you need a chuckle, or a few minutes of  break-time for the brain, check this out–it’s a hoot! 🙂


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Sprint’s Performance IMPROVING

Sprint’s Performance IMPROVING

I have friends around the country, and in the past 3 years or so, I’ve heard really bad feedback on Sprint as a carrier. Everyone I knew that had their mobile service thru Sprint would use it for a short time, find the service totally suckie when they were traveling, and subsequently drop Sprint for either T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, or Cingular (and Cingular was pretty crappy for a while there too by the way).

Oh but Sprint has come up in the world. According to the latest J.D. Power & Assoc report taken from one of their recent surveys, they found that Sprint is running just about neck-and-neck now with the power players like Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile.

There’s a reason for their success-hard work. They’ve actually put in the elbow grease (time/work/money) necessary to improve the product quality and become real players again. I’m glad to see it, because I believe we need diversity and plenty of options/choices. If one gets too big, then generally service will fall off and quality suffers. (Like in politics.)

In an excerpt from the article by Jason Gertzen of the Kansas City Star, he states:

“Since 2006, Sprint said, the company has invested more than $16 billion in network projects.”

Mr. Gertzen then goes on to say that Verizon is still top-dog, but that Sprint is definitely improving, and that Verizon is starting to slip.

For the entire (it’s short and sweet) article go here

Here’s the latest list on all cell carriers in the U.S. courtesy of

National/Regional Carriers:

  • AT&T
  • T-Mobile
  • Verizon
  • Sprint
  • Cingular
  • Alltell
  • CellularOne
  • Nextel
  • U.S. Cellular

Specialty Carriers:

  • Centennial
  • DigiTel
  • Edge
  • Helio
  • NTelos
  • Qwest
  • SouthernLINC
  • SureWest

Pre-Paid ONLY Carriers:

  • AlltelU
  • GoCingular
  • Boost
  • Cricket
  • Liberty
  • MetroPCS
  • Net10
  • T-Mobile-To-Go
  • TracFone
  • VerizonWireless Pay-as-you-go
  • Virgin Mobile

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Google Will Let You UN-SEND Your Email


Really . . . or that’s what they’re claiming. Who was it that tried to offer that service a while back?

I can’t remember, but apparently it didn’t take off. (If someone remembers, please refresh my memory on that.)

So, Gmail claims that it can now allow you to get mail back that you’ve already sent. The catch-it has to be within a 5 minute time frame of when it was sent.

We all do send things from time to time and then, immediately after hitting SEND, we think DOH! I wanted to include so-and-so in that post. Or,  WAIT-not from THAT addreeeesssss!

Personally I don’t see real feasibility in an unsend option, simply because it’s really not practical. Most of my email comes in almost immediately after being sent. Often under 5 minutes. And besides, sending a quick email is exactly that-QUICK. It’s not like we got drunk and decided to write a stupid letter to some former whatever and now need to get it back (which would be stupid-but I think several people can relate anyway, since we’re all human).

I use Outlook (the full version) and it gives me a LOT (stress lot here) more control than any webmail program. One of my tech buddies (and mentor) encouraged me to leave the unstable webmail world behind for the surer email programs a few years ago. I’m SO glad I listened, there really is an extreme difference.

BUT, if the unsend idea sounds heavenly to you, then go for it! Why not?

You can read the full (actually very short) article here if you’re interested in Google’s new unsend feature. And if you get the chance, drop me a line and tell what you think please, I’m curious as to what the general consensus will be.

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Facebook On Top Of Social Networking Big 3

MySpace has a run for it’s money against Facebook and LinkedIn (in that order) according to a public review conducted by uTest.

“uTest, a global network of more than 15,000 application testers — many of whom are current or former value-added resellers (VARs), application developers and solution providers, conducts its quarterly “Bug Battles” to uncover shortcomings, flaws and vulnerabilities in publicly available applications.  During the weeklong contest, more than 1,100 testers combed the three social networks for the quality, functionality and performance of their features and applications. uTest awarded cash prizes from a pool of more than $3,000 based on volume and quality of bugs and reports.

The testers found 243 application bugs and flaws in the Facebook SNS web application, of which 14.4 percent were deemed serious. While LinkedIn had 250 bugs, only 10 percent of these bugs were deemed serious.  MySpace had 225 bugs, of which 11 percent were serious. The test period was conducted prior to last week’s release of Facebook’s new homepage.”

To see the whole story from Channel Insider, go here:

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